Fast Relief: How To Make Embossed Cards Quick

The perfect alternative to E-cards, these beautifully embossed greeting cards are super simple to make.

Embossed Cards by Brendan Power - Martin Tessler


CREATIVE SOLUTION | Embossing your own stationery is super easy. You will need 90-pound watercolor paper (although you can emboss on lighter papers), a burnishing tool and some sort of template to outline the image. Almost anything with relief will work; I used a metal drain tile from a plumbing store, a simple bracket from a hardware store and a leaf template I found at a graphic arts supply store.

How To Make Embossed Greeting Cards

1. Using a straight edge and an X-acto knife cut and fold the paper into cards (I matched the shapes and sizes to available envelopes).

2. Tape the template to the glass, being careful not to tape over any edges to be rubbed.

3. Position and tape the card “good side down” over the template (draftsman’s masking tape, from a graphics supply store, will not mar the paper surface).

4. Take the large-tipped end of a burnishing tool and trace the edge of the motif, pressing quite hard. Switch to the small-tipped end to further define the edges.

You may want to get the feel of this on scrap paper first. —Brendan Power

Photo: Martin Tessler

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