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Turn Your Instagram Images Into Prints

Two of our favourite dead simple web apps can turn your digital Instagram photos into more permanent art-house prints.

Gladsheim Instagram


FREE + CHEAP = AWESOME | If you own an iPhone and are not among the 15 million people who have already downloaded Apple’s FREE Instagram app, what are you waiting for? This dead simple photo manipulation program includes filters and other photo effects that can alter the way your iPhone 4 and 4S photos look. One of the reasons for Instagram’s instant popularity is that it makes photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter, et al., super easy, but I like it because it makes even my grossly pedestrian photos look infinitely more exciting.

Instagram is so much fun that it’s led to photo safaris and the creation of plenty of images I think look pretty cool. Dissatisfied with viewing my shots in digital format alone, I was happy to find two attractive ways—Printsgram and Blurb Instagram books—to turn my pixels into prints.

Printsgram Instagram Poster


PRINTSGRAM—Printsgram is a social printing service that allows you to save your Instagram photos as a PDF file that you can easily use to print a poster on your own. To get started, go to Printsgram’s website, log into your Instagram account, pick a layout and start uploading your photos. This service is currently FREE, but it may not be for long. Visit

BLURB Instagram book


BLURB INSTAGRAM BOOKS—Give your most-loved Instagram images a life beyond the feed with a Blurb Instagram photo book, which you can make in just a few clicks. To get started, go to Blurb’s website, log into your Instagram account and select photos that are then automatically flowed into your book. Make changes (Blurb will automatically enhance your image resolution for printability) and/or additions with Blurb’s online photo book making tool. Softcover 20-page editions printed in a 7×7 format are CAD$11.95. Visit —Olivia Pittman

CLICK HERE to check out blog’s (via Apartment Therapy) collection of great Instagram wall art. For more about instagram, visit

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