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Is Color Wow The Best For Root Touch-Up?

Believe the hype. This hair touch-up product does an exceptional job at getting to the root of regrowth. (VIDEO)

color Wow

MONEY WELL SPENT | If you colour your hair and occasionally need to camouflage your roots, there are plenty of inexpensive products that do a so-so job covering the regrowth (we have written about a few of them HERE). I say so-so because most of these cheapie crayons produce sticky (as in leaving hair strands clumped together), patchy (as in placing colour on the topmost layer of hair and not on the follicles underneath) results at best.

I was going on (and on) about this problem to my stylist, Heather Kopchia, when she jumped in to recommended Color Wow, a mineral powder she uses to touch up the regrowth of film actors she coifs. “You won’t believe how amazing this stuff is. You really can’t tell it’s in your hair.”

Color Wow A Winner

“Mineral pigments are an excellent choice for matching all hair colours as they are both opaque and reflective,” says cosmetics chemist John Hammer, hair ingredients advisor to the editors at Allure magazine, who gave Color Wow a Best of Beauty award in 2013.

Hammer says the Color Wow formula, which comes in six shades (each one containing a number of colours and pigments to ensure natural blending with the tones in your own hair), can even cover dark regrowth in highlighted hair.

I have been applying this product for some time now and cannot imagine using anything else to cover up my exposed roots (you can certainly find detractors online, but I’ve had absolutely no problem with my product). At $35 for a 60-application pressed-powder compact, this is pricey stuff, but it performs so beautifully and lasts so long in your hair, I think it’s money well spent. —Ruth Rainey

Color Wow is not yet available for purchase at shops in western Canada. If you are going to the U.S., you can find it at Space.NK.apothecary inside Bloomingdale’s. Or you can buy it online at Net-A-Porter. We found it online at for $34 and had it shipped to the border at Point Roberts.

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