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Watch Out, Windex

 This simple, chemical-free cleaning tool will leave your windows and mirrors with a shockingly non-streaky shine. (VIDEO)

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SHOCK & AWE | We live in a house filled with reflective surfaces that we are currently sharing with our daughter, her husband and their very curious baby, Dylan.

Dylan loves to press herself up against the windows and to touch the small human who eyeballs her back every time she looks into a mirror. And wherever she goes, this sweet child leaves tiny paw prints behind.

Not that her baby smudges bother us much. They’re kind of endearing really, but add them to the bug splats and floss bits that accumulate routinely on what-are-meant-to-be-sparkling surfaces, and there’s always a mess to contend with. Read more

Walking exercise

Walk Therapy: How To Log Maximum Miles Every Month

There’s no question that walking is good for you. Here’s a trick to make sure you keep moving.

Walking exercise


FIT FOR FREE |  Last month, I walked from Vancouver in Canada to Bellingham in Washington and then back to Vancouver again. After that I walked from Vancouver to Hope. I didn’t actually visit either of these lovely towns—I walked the equivalent distance, 316 kilometres (196 miles), in and around my own neck of the woods. Read more


Your inspiration for no-bake bird’s nest cookies for Easter

These chocolate and peanut  butter cookies are the easiest thing you’ll make this Easter.

Bird's Nest Easter Cookies - C. Rule



EASY & DELISH | If you’re casting around for an Easter adventure to share with the junior cooks in your life, these quick-made no-bake chocolate-and-peanut butter bird’s nest cookies are a slam dunk.

Read more