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A Novel Way To Stay Awake While Driving

There are plenty of strategies to help you stay awake while driving. Here’s a highly effective one you may not have thought about.



TRAVEL ADVISORY | Recently a number of Canadian newspapers reported the results of a new online survey from a national insurance company confirming that an “alarming number” of people (30 percent of male respondents and 14 percent of female ones) admitted to nodding off while driving (CLICK HERE for the story).

Yikes! With road trip season in full swing, vacationers are going to need to reach deep into their bag of tricks to make sure they stay awake when driving long distances. To the roster of obvious ways to maintain alertness—starting out rested; ingesting caffeine (coffee, Red Bull, No-Doz); blasting yourself with cold air, intense conversation or loud music—we would like to offer a not so obvious solution, an inexpensive food item that has worked shockingly well to revive every driver we know who has tried it. Read more

Baby Drinking Coca Cola

To Break An Unwanted Habit, Do This One Thing

To break a single bad habit, use this famous technique to support your decision one day at a time.


Baby Drinking Coca Cola


SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE | I never make New Year’s resolutions (unless they’re the Babylonian kind, which are really all about settling up—CLICK HERE for the Frugalbits story), but on 01 January 2013, I decided to inch into the game. For years I’d wanted to remove (oh-so-bad-for-you) Coca-Cola from my diet but, for a million lame reasons, had never been able to go more than a few days without succumbing to the drink. Read more


Rescue Me: How To Escape A Sinking Car

How to escape a sinking car—plus an inexpensive tool that could make the process easier.

Skagit River Bridge - News 1130


HOW TO SAVE A LIFE | When an Alberta truck driver hauling an oversize load struck a steal beam on the Skagit River Bridge in Washington state last week, sending a segment of the bridge and two passenger vehicles plunging into the water below, the thought crossed my mind, as I’m sure it did yours, what if one of those vehicles had been yours.

How would you react if you found yourself in a sinking car? What should and shouldn’t you do? Are there tools you can have on hand that will facilitate your escape? Read more

Generic Drugs - iStock

Generic Over-The-Counter Drugs Are The Better Buy

If you’re buying brand name over-the-counter meds instead of generic ones, nine times out of 10 you’re wasting money.


BEST BUY | When it comes to fashion and décor, I can be as big a brand snob as anyone, but it makes absolutely no sense to be a label slave where over-the-counter medications are concerned. Why chain yourself to a brand name “OTC” med when the no name equivalent is available at a seriously lower price? Read more

Happy Cleaning House

Can House Cleaning Make You Happier?

Get out the squeegee, Margie—doing housework may well be the way to improve your state of mind.

Happy Cleaning House


HAPPY TALK | We don’t need social scientists or surveys to confirm that having a clean house is a natural mood booster. But did you know that actually doing the cleaning may improve your mood as much as having a house that’s clean? In her new book, The First 20 Minutes: Surprising science reveals how we can exercise better, train smarter, live longer, author Gretchen Reynolds reports that a recent large-scale survey done in Europe found an “inverse association between housework and distress.”

Read more


The Absolute Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Give her a Mother’s Day gift she’ll remember for the rest of her life.



MONEY WELL SPENT | You could give your sweet mama any number of indulgences for Mother’s Day (It’s May 13 in case you need a reminder), a box of heavenly macaroons, for example, or her favourite expensive perfume, but these sorts of gifts are ephemeral. If you really want to go all out for the woman who grew you up, give her a gift that will do right by her beautiful mind. Read more

Feet On Scale - iStock

Lose Extra Pounds With Help From Fitday.com

Fitday.com is a fab, free website that can help you lose weight, get fitter and more.

Feet On Scale - iStock


FREE & FABULOUS | I’ve been trying on a quasi-casual level to lose “those last five pounds” for the last five years, but haven’t been able to. Now I know why and what to do about it, thanks to Fitday.com. Fitday, for the uninitiated—and there are still one or two of us out there—is a free, superbly organized weight loss website that allows its five million members to easily set a weight loss goal that will trigger an action plan that includes daily food consumption and physical activity requirements.

All of this is great, of course, but the best thing about Fitday in my view, and in the view of Innovative Fitness trainer Josh Allen who introduced me to the program, is the way it tracks the nutrient values in the foods you consume—and nutrient values, as I’m coming to learn, are at the root of my problem.

Carbs and Fat and Protein, Oh My! Read more

Spa Like A Finn At Scandinave In Whistler

The eco-conscious Scandinave Spa at Whistler focuses on traditional treatments instead of gimmicks—and it costs less, too.

HydrotherapyBACK TO BASICS | Say goodbye to spa therapies that only go skin deep. Thermo- therapy and hydrotherapy, practised throughout Europe, are showing up across the country. These therapies use extreme heat and profuse sweating to flush out deeply lodged toxins, relax muscles and improve heart health. Read more

Now or Later iStock

There’s An Upside To Procrastination—Yess!

Is there such a thing as productive procrastination, and if so is it really good for you?

Now or Later iStock


FINISHING SCHOOL | Is there a form of procras- tination, which is defined as the obvious and intentional putting off of something that must or should be done, that is more acceptable than others? I think there is, and I now have a label for it: Productive Procrastination. I ran into this phrase recently on urbandictionary.com, a website I turn to for pop cultural understanding—or to avoid getting down to research and writing stories for this website.

According to the Urban Dictionary, productive procrastination is defined as “Doing stuff to keep busy while avoiding what really needs doing. When all is said and done, your room is clean, your laundry is folded—but you haven’t started your English paper.” The UD seems to imply that productive procrastination is ultimately undesirable, but I don’t see it that way. If the thing you do to avoid a task at hand is something that also really needs to get done—a necessary task that lingers on some long-standing back-of-brain To Do List—and you actually get to put a check-mark beside it, that can’t be bad thing, can it?

When is deadline is rock-solid and imminent, I will always perform. It’s when projects can wait—like the laundry, or rethinking the marketing strategy for my sideline, for example—that I typically find the energy for them when there’s something else I’m supposed to do. That’s how I roll (as they say on the UD), and I refuse to beat myself up about it because in the end everything always gets done.

That said, super long-term procrastination can be a huge problem. My happiness guru Gretchen Rubin writes a lot about this topic on her blog, The Happiness Project. Here are her top tips:

Gretchen Rubin’s Top 7 Ways To Avoid Procrastinating

1. Do It First Thing In The Morning.
2. Try Doing It Every Day.
3. Have Someone Keep You Company.
4. Make Preparations, Assemble The Proper Tools.
5. Commit.
6. First Things First.
7. Reflect On The Great Feeling You’ll Get When You’ve Finished.

For specifics on how to implement these ideas, visit Rubin’s blog, www.thehappinessproject.com, or check out her article on the huffingtonpost.com —Annabel Lee

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Interlacing Fingers And Toes - C. Phaisalakani

Use Your Fingers To Wake Up Your Tired Toes

Here’s how to wake up your feet by interlacing your fingers and toes.

Interlacing Fingers And Toes - C. Phaisalakani


FIVE-MINUTE-YOGA | Perhaps we lose touch with our feet because they’re so far from our heads. How else could we shove them into narrow shoes and ignore them until they hurt?

Good yoga feet with active, mobile toes bring life to every pose. They help you connect with the ground in standing poses and pull your energy upward in inversions.

In fact, if there were just one practice you were to take on for five minutes a day, this one would give you the biggest and fastest rewards.

How To Wake Up Your Feet Read more