Efficient and targeted ways to shape up even when you sit for a living.

Woman Jumping Rope

Just Jump—You Won’t Be Sorry

How to improve your mood, energy level, agility, cardiovascular system and bone density by doing this one simple thing.

Woman Jumping Rope


FIT IN A MINUTE | Gretchen Rubin, author of The New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project, wrote a blog post last December on the joy of jumping up and down. Gretchen claims that the simple act of jumping up and down—in street wear, no special equipment or gym strip required—relaxes and/or invigorates her, depending on the situation. Oh yes, and it makes her kids laugh too, something that contributes to a more lighthearted mood at home. Read more

Walking exercise

Walk Therapy: How To Log Maximum Miles Every Month

There’s no question that walking is good for you. Here’s a trick to make sure you keep moving.

Walking exercise


FIT FOR FREE |  Last month, I walked from Vancouver in Canada to Bellingham in Washington and then back to Vancouver again. After that I walked from Vancouver to Hope. I didn’t actually visit either of these lovely towns—I walked the equivalent distance, 316 kilometres (196 miles), in and around my own neck of the woods. Read more

The Stick On A Calf

The Stick Can Ease Muscle Aches & Pains

This little piece of equipment may not eliminate the need for professional massage, but it can help manage muscle pain.



MONEY WELL SPENT | If you workout routinely and experience soft tissue aches or muscle knots as a result, The Stick, a self-massaging tool used by gym rats and sports physios alike, could be your ticket to relief. Read more

looplacinglock- Katie Runs This

The Best Way To Lace Your Workout Shoes

Who knew there were so many corrective ways to lace up your workout shoes?

looplacinglock- Katie Runs This


GOOD TO KNOW | I have a very narrow foot with a very high instep, which is no biggie for me except when it comes to buying workout shoes. Very few athletic shoe brands fit my feet straight out of the box; usually, I need to add orthotics. Recently, though, I’ve been able to eliminate this extra purchase by lacing my sneakers using a method that actually improves the way my workout shoes fit my feet. Read more


Lean In: How To Walk To Build A Better Butt

How sprinter’s mechanics and plain old walking on a treadmill can help you develop the derriere of your dreams.




FIT FOR FREE | Elite athletes know which sport produces the best butt in their biz: it’s sprinting by a mile. A sprinter’s buttocks sits high, round and proud, a position that comes from maximum gluteus development through explosive running done in short bursts of time. Correct sprinting technique results in a long, lean lower body with both thighs and butt in proper proportion. Read more


How To Loosen Tight Hamstrings Quick

If you struggle with tight hamstrings, this five-minute yoga challenge will feel like a blessing for sure.

Five-Minute Yoga Challenge with tennis ball


FIVE-MINUTE YOGA | Massaging the soles of the feet loosens the starting point of a network of connective tissue that runs up the back of your body to the crown of your head. Rolling a tennis ball under each foot for just five minutes a day will lead to more relaxed feet and flexible hamstrings. Read more

yoga woman meditation pose - dreamstime

The Perfect App for Time Strapped Yoga Buffs

Frugalbits columnist Eve Johnson has developed an easy, inexpensive app for time-strapped yoga buffs. Here’s how you can win a copy.

yoga woman meditation pose - dreamstime


TAKE FIVE | Have you ever thought you might lower your stress levels with yoga, then watched them soar into the red zone as you battled your way through traffic to class? Or noticed that the unlimited monthly pass at your local mega studio isn’t such a great deal if you only manage to use it twice?

What if you could work yoga into your day in small bites—five and 10 minutes at a time—with detailed instructions that take you deep into the pose?

And how about paying less than you would for a cup of coffee? Read more

Magic Gloves - Casey Phaisalakani

780 Pairs Of Strechy Gloves For $20

Yes, Virginia, it’s true: you can have 780 pairs of gloves for under $20. We report on the miracle here.

Magic Gloves - Casey Phaisalakani




CREATIVE SOLUTION | The trouble with gloves is that they get lost, loaned, separated from their mates, mangled by pets—or can’t be found where you put them last. Read more

Woman Jumping Rope

Why You Need To Jump Rope For 60 Seconds

We who are likely to die early because we sit too much need a combat plan. Here’s a tactic that could prove an effective weapon.

Woman Jumping Rope  FITTER BY THE MINUTE | Anyone who checks this website routinely knows I’m obsessed with the fact I sit too much. I HATE sitting in front of a computer for hours at a stretch but that is what I do for a living. Sure I can use a sit/stand desk like the ones we reported on HERE last week. And yes I can—and do—exercise outside normal work hours, but I know from reading the research these practices alone will not keep the Grim Reaper from calling early, most likely unannounced. Read more