Brooks Brothers White Shirt

The Perfect White Shirt? We’ve Found It!

Both on trend and timeless, a classic top-quality white shirt belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. Here’s the best one we’ve found.

Brooks Brothers White ShirtBUY RIGHT | The fashion media everywhere is reporting that “a great white shirt” is a must-have item this fall. This fall? A great white shirt is a fashion basic that always belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a constant (like a perfect pair of black pumps), a fashion equalizer that does not reflect a particular age or generation. And while it may be “in fashion” right now, it’s definitely not a trend item but a staple.

Which explains why beautiful menswear-inspired white shirts are a perennial with Ralph Lauren, a designer who does not follow trends. In his current collection, Lauren’s elegant black label white shirt Antonia is priced at around $400 (U.S.); his Curt boyfriend shirt, part of the Lauren line, is around $70 (U.S.).

“I have a Ralph Lauren black label white shirt in my closet,” says my fashionable friend Amelia, “but I won’t buy another one. These shirts are fabulous, but they’re an unnecessary extravagance when you can have a of shirt of black label quality—at least I think so—for a quarter of the price.” Read more


Ruthie Shugarman’s Clothes Swap Party

Former event planner Ruthie Shugarman shares what she knows about hosting clothing exchange parties.

EXPERT ADVICE | When Ruthie Shugarman switched careers a few years ago, she wanted a memorable way to mark her shift from event planning to real estate sales. “I was staring into my closet one night thinking about the fact that I really needed to de-clutter when the idea for throwing a clothing exchange party hit me.” Frock swapping could be a win-win situation, she reasoned. “I could use the evening to tell friends and business associates about my new move, and they could use it to trade in things they never wear for things they might wear a lot.” Read more

Boxes Casey Phaisalakani

Blue And Orange And Magenta, Oh My!

For the Canadian material girl, a gift box from Tiffany, Hermès or Holt Renfrew will make her say aah(s).

Boxes Casey Phaisalakani

MONEY WELL SPENT | If you are hunting for a graduation gift for someone who loves to dress up (and sparkle), and you are prepared to spend some money but don’t want to go too, too crazy, consider picking up a little something from Tiffany & Co., Hermès or Holt Renfrew.

Each of these luxury goods retailers, who package their merchandise in gift boxes as recognizable as their names, sells small, and not exorbitantly expensive, jewellery items and accessories that are already ordained classics. These are pieces that get passed along to daughters and beyond, items destined to pop up in fashion magazines 50 years from now (online, of course, because paper mags will have vanished) on their hot vintage collectibles lists—things with the potential to hold or accrue value. Read more