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Beyond The Mask: Try Microdermabrasion

The skinny on the most effective light-cosmetic way to improve your complexion.

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MONEY BETTER SPENT | As someone who subjected her face to a variety of professional spa treatments over the past six months in a one-time push to see if I could significantly improve my complexion, I can now report that of all the treatments I tried—steam, exfoliation, extraction, masks, scrubs and massage—not one of them brightened my skin tone the way microdermabrasion does. Read more

Face Washing

Skincare 101: How To Super Clean Your Face

The easiest way to remove eye makeup; when not to wash your face; and how to apply toner cost effectively.



SATURATE — When removing eye makeup or waterproof mascara, start with a good-quality makeup remover. Soak a cotton pad with the makeup remover and gently press and hold it against your eye for about 15 seconds—don’t rub right away! Read more

The Perfect Eyebrow

The Best Place For Eyebrow Threading

Chasing the perfect brow? Here’s the best (and least expensive) place to have your eyebrows threaded locally.

The Perfect EyebrowCHEAP & FANTASTIC | Eyebrows can be tweezed, waxed or threaded. Of these three techniques, I prefer threading, and not just because I pay $5 to have them done this way. Threading is quicker than tweezing (typically taking fewer than 10 minutes), less painful overall than waxing and, to my mind, results in a crisper, more finished look than either of the other methods. Read more

Joanna Lumley Goes Shwopping

H&M’s New Fashion Recycling Program

First is was M&S. Now it’s H&M. Major retailers are helping to make recycling the next big thing in fashion.

Joanna Lumley Goes Shwopping


PERK ALERT | Shopping + Swapping = Shwopping. Last spring, major British retailer Marks & Spencer joined forces with Oxfam to offer their clientele a place to drop off old clothing inside M&S stores—and they coined the term “shwopping” to describe the idea of giving away a piece of used clothing whenever you buy a new one.

Approximately 500,000 tonnes of clothing winds up in landfills every year, and M&S is hoping to help reduce this amount by donating the worn clothing they receive to Oxfam so the charity can reuse, recycle or resell it.

This winter, H&M began a similar initiative, only their recycling program offers participants a monetary incentive. Here’s how it works: Read more

Filing Nails - Shutterstock

4 Nail Care Products You Really Need To Try

Even the most beautifully manicured fingernails need the occasional polish holiday. Here are four great nail care products that will give them a break.

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STEALING BEAUTY | As pretty as polished nails are, they need to be left bare occasionally to give them some air. About once a month, Allison Emery performs a “nail ritual” that consists of four basic steps: trim/file, cleanse, buff and hydrate. “Regular nail maintenance keeps your nails healthy and strong,” according to this beauty expert. “With a little TLC, nails that are dry, brittle or even splitting will be shining in no time.” Here’s how she gets the job done. Read more

Hello Moto

Hello Moto: Where To Find Jackets Now

If you have been thinking about adding a motorcycle jacket to your wardrobe, now would be a good time to do it.

Hello Moto

SALE ALERT | Everyone’s favourite bad girl jacket—the moto—was a big deal on runways in this past fall, with innumerable high fashion players putting their own spin on the snaps, zippers, ribbed leather panels and belt loops that characterize this iconic piece of outerwear. Naturally ready-to-wear followed suit—and sure as Christmas rolls round in December, the purveyors of these less expensive versions have now put their jackets on sale.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a little biker chick chic to your otherwise girly wardrobe, here are a few great value motorcycle jackets we found for your consideration. Read more

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Get Pro Hair Products At A Drugstore Price

International hair care leader Schwarzkopf delivers salon-quality performance at a drugstore price.

buy generic levitra onlinerzkopf_hair_color_idea_thumb.jpg”>1 schwarzkopf_hair_color_idea_thumbBEST BUY | Our wet, west coast weather may be nourishing for skin, but it’s murder on hair. The rain creates humidity, which leads to one of our biggest hair nightmares: frizz. For those of us with unruly hair, it is almost impossible to go without a styling product or we will end up “poofy” only minutes after we head out the door. If we want good hair days in Vancouver, we need reliable styling products. Read more

Korea Italy Towels, Classic Green, and Red

Use A Korea Italy Towel For Smooth Skin

Nothing does more to invigorate and revitalize your skin than to scrub it with a Korea “Italy” towel.

Korea-Italy-Towels-Calssic-Green-and-RedCULT PRODUCT ALERT | Forget scratchy banana-shaped loofahs or stiff-bristled long-handle body brushes, the dirt cheap Korea “Italy” towel is the easiest and most expedient way to remove every bit of dead skin from your body and polish the new epidermis beneath it to a fresh and peachy glow. Read more

Joe Fresh Goes Monochrome

How To Layer Deep Vee & Scoopy Crew Tops

As necklines plunge, top fashion brands offer a variety of ways to layer up their deep V-necks and scoopy crews.

Joe Fresh Goes MonochromeHave you noticed how the necklines of pullover sweaters have all gotten deeper this season? While there’s nothing wrong with showing a little skin, some of these necklines may be too impractical and drafty (not to mention unflattering—protruding collarbones, anyone?) for daytime use. Read more

Beautiful Baby

All We Want For Xmas Is Silky Baby Skin

Forget expensive moisturizers, body con celebrities like Gisele and Miranda Kerr swear that ordinary coconut oil is what keeps their skin supersoft and smooth.

Cialis best place to buyul-Baby.jpg”>Beautiful Baby


WHAT THE PROS KNOW | If you’re looking for a gift for a beauty buff who has a cupboard full of top-brand skin creams and potions, you might want to surprise her with a little inexpensive something from the grocery store. Believe us, she’s going to love you for it. Read more