This story category covers information of interest to Canadian readers, particularly those living in Vancouver.

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THE PRICE IS RIGHT | As someone who is at this very moment staring at a mile-high years-in-the-making pile of magazines that needs to be schlepped to the dump, I look forward to switching from print publications to digital ones. Read more

Young boy jumping into lake

Take A Mini Vacay @ Cusheon Lake Resort

For us, the perfect vacation spot is a little less Napa and a little more Mayberry.

Young boy jumping into lake


TRAVEL ADVISORY | The province of British Columbia is peppered with posh resorts, and developers keep adding new ones all the time thinking that designer surroundings, celebrity-chef restaurants, spa treatments and 600-thread-count sheets are what make a vacation unique. That is one approach for sure, but it’s not our preference. We like a little less Napa and a little more Mayberry when it comes to summer retreats, which is why we love Cusheon Lake Resort on Salt Spring Island, a perfect example of the latter.

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Flying U

Mini Vacay @ Canada’s Oldest Dude Ranch

Pony up for a mini vacay at Canada’s oldest and most original dude ranch, The Flying U—where you’re allowed to ride out on your own.

Horse wrangle at Flying U Ranch


TRAVEL ADVISORY | I never went to a dude ranch as a kid, but my husband did. He and his brother spent a week as buckaroos at The Flying U guest ranch in B.C.’s Cariboo. It was their favourite childhood holiday. “Better ’n Disneyland” is how they described the experience to their friends when they got home, and the way they continued to speak of it years later. Read more

Rodney Graham

Get Better Photos With Your Digital Camera

This surprisingly inexpensive introductory class will teach you how to take much better pictures with your digital camera.

Rodney Graham


SUPER VALUE  | There’s no way my snaps will ever match the cinematographic style of Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham (featured above) or Ian Wallace, three stellar members of the internationally acclaimed “Vancouver School” of photography, but recently I learned how to get a better than average shot with my compact digital camera. For the surprisingly low price of just $25, I received two hours of solid instruction in alternatives to Automatic Mode, the most commonly used setting (and my former personal fave) on the mode dial of digital cameras. Read more

Plastic Surgery - 123rf

Where To Get Cosmetic Surgery For Way Less

University affiliated clinics provide cosmetic surgery for substantially less than you would pay for procedures performed by doctors in private practice.

Cosmetic Surgery


SUPER VALUE | It’s one of those evergreen stories, and every glossy fashion and beauty magazine from A to V (that’s Allure to Vogue) everywhere in the world does it. It’s the annual roundup of doctors and clinics offering cosmetic treatments such as breast implants, tummy tucks, facial profile procedures, etc. What’s conspicuously missing from the lists I’ve seen is a resource available in cities where there is a resident cosmetic clinic providing training for physicians who want to become plastic surgeons. Read more

Iceberg Alley- FlyOver Canada

See Canada’s Wonders On FlyOver Canada

See all of Canada’s natural wonders on FlyOver Canada’s spectacular virtual flight ride.

Iceberg Alley- FlyOver Canada


TRAVEL ADVISORY | I flew across Canada the other day. It took a total of 30 minutes to travel from coast to coast. For $20 dollars I dipped, dove and soared in an aerial dance that began in Newfoundland’s surreal Iceberg Alley and ended in the Northwest Territories, where glowing, auroral streamers swirled in the northern light. Along the way, I flew into the misty middle of Niagara Falls, over the top of the astounding cirque glaciers found along ridge crests in the Rockies, and through a procession of other breathtaking Canadian landscapes. Read more

The Perfect Eyebrow

The Best Place For Eyebrow Threading

Chasing the perfect brow? Here’s the best (and least expensive) place to have your eyebrows threaded locally.

The Perfect EyebrowCHEAP & FANTASTIC | Eyebrows can be tweezed, waxed or threaded. Of these three techniques, I prefer threading, and not just because I pay $5 to have them done this way. Threading is quicker than tweezing (typically taking fewer than 10 minutes), less painful overall than waxing and, to my mind, results in a crisper, more finished look than either of the other methods. Read more

Notebooks- iStock

Two Ways To Have Books Shipped For Free

Wow! Finally a website where some third party sellers offer free shipping for their used books online—plus, how to get free shipping on new book orders under $25.

Old Books—Shutterstock


FREE IS GOOD | While both and offer free shipping on the books you purchase through their companies when you spend a minimum $25, the same is not true for used books they list that are offered by third party sellers. These books always come with an added shipping cost, making what might look like a steal of a deal anything but once these extra charges are tacked on. Read more

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The Coolest Way To Tour Vancouver

Many of the West Coast’s most spectacular homes are on the water. To see them, you should be too.

West Vancouver Waterfront Homes


TRAVEL ADVISORY | West Vancouver is hardly Amalfi, but like this picturesque stretch of Mediterranean waterfront in Italy, it does have interesting houses terraced into the rocky coastline, some with cascading, tropical gardens of Babylonian intent. And when the days are sunny and calm like they they will be shortly, we like to rent a (reasonably priced) runabout from Sewell’s Marina in Horseshoe Bay and treat our out-of-town guests to a tour of this gorgeous shoreline in one of Canada’s poshest postal codes. Read more

Postage on Package

How To Pick Up U.S. Parcels In Point Bob

Why pick up your U.S. parcels in Blaine, when there is a more convenient and practical way to get them.

Postage on Package


EASY LIKE THIS | How many times have you tried to order something online only to discover that the company you’re ordering it from doesn’t ship to Canada? In the past, I found a way around this problem by having parcels shipped to Blaine, Washington, and then traipsing over the border to pick them up (CLICK HERE for our story). Now I have an even more expedient way to retrieve them. Read more