The easiest, most cost-effective ways to maintain your gorgeous face and body.

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The Leg Test

What body lotion keeps your skin the softest and smoothest by far? We think we have the answer—but take this simple test to see if you agree.

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CHEAP + EFFECTIVE | Can you believe the lengths even celebrities go to when they want to convince the public of the superiority of an inexpensive beauty product? Case in point: the 2005 episode of the Tyra Banks Show where Tyra whipped herself and the members of her studio audience into a whirling-dervish-worthy frenzy before presenting each attendee with a bedazzled tub of her go-to body moisturizer.

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Complexion Perfection: Make Superior Quality Vitamin C Serum At Home

Vitamin C serum has proven benefits for the skin—and it’s dead simple to make fresh at home. (RECIPE)

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CHEAP + SUPERIOR | It’s not often that an inexpensive homemade skincare treatment is considered to be the gold standard and not a less-desirable less-effective alternative to commercial product lines. But make-it-yourself-in-a-minute vitamin C serum is equal if not superior to most moderately priced vitamin C serums, and no doubt outperforms plenty of the incredibly expensive ones, too. Read more

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No Really, Vinegar Is Great For Sunburn

Who would have thought that plain old vinegar would be the best thing to take the sting and colour out of sunburn?

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THIS STUFF WORKS | If I were forced to go back to grade school in the coming days and then asked to write an essay about the coolest thing I learned on my time away from the classroom, I would definitely wax lyrical about how I discovered that common household vinegar is a rock solid remedy for sunburn. Read more

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The Right Way To Apply Self Tanner

Keeping that summer glow year round is easy once you get the hang of applying self-tanner. (VIDEO)

Self Tanned Legs

SLAM DUNK | Although I do not agree with Coco Chanel’s 1929 pronouncement that “a girl simply has to be tanned,” I do think women look better in dresses and skirts when they have some colour on their legs.

But what’s a girl to do, then, to get that colour when she stays away from direct sunlight and sun beds, and avoids sunless products—spray tanning booths and self-tanning potions—as if they were the plague? “Seriously, you need to revisit the fake world,” my friend Jess informed me when I complained about the prospect of wearing a short skirt to a stylish event last month. “Gradual self-tanners give good, natural looking colour now, and while I find all tanning products impossible to apply on my entire body, doing cream or lotion on my legs is a piece of cake.” Read more

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Where To Get Cosmetic Surgery For Way Less

University affiliated clinics provide cosmetic surgery for substantially less than you would pay for procedures performed by doctors in private practice.

Cosmetic Surgery


SUPER VALUE | It’s one of those evergreen stories, and every glossy fashion and beauty magazine from A to V (that’s Allure to Vogue) everywhere in the world does it. It’s the annual roundup of doctors and clinics offering cosmetic treatments such as breast implants, tummy tucks, facial profile procedures, etc. What’s conspicuously missing from the lists I’ve seen is a resource available in cities where there is a resident cosmetic clinic providing training for physicians who want to become plastic surgeons. Read more


Beyond The Mask: Try Microdermabrasion

The skinny on the most effective light-cosmetic way to improve your complexion.

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MONEY BETTER SPENT | As someone who subjected her face to a variety of professional spa treatments over the past six months in a one-time push to see if I could significantly improve my complexion, I can now report that of all the treatments I tried—steam, exfoliation, extraction, masks, scrubs and massage—not one of them brightened my skin tone the way microdermabrasion does. Read more

Face Washing

Skincare 101: How To Super Clean Your Face

The easiest way to remove eye makeup; when not to wash your face; and how to apply toner cost effectively.



SATURATE — When removing eye makeup or waterproof mascara, start with a good-quality makeup remover. Soak a cotton pad with the makeup remover and gently press and hold it against your eye for about 15 seconds—don’t rub right away! Read more

The Perfect Eyebrow

The Best Place For Eyebrow Threading

Chasing the perfect brow? Here’s the best (and least expensive) place to have your eyebrows threaded locally.

The Perfect EyebrowCHEAP & FANTASTIC | Eyebrows can be tweezed, waxed or threaded. Of these three techniques, I prefer threading, and not just because I pay $5 to have them done this way. Threading is quicker than tweezing (typically taking fewer than 10 minutes), less painful overall than waxing and, to my mind, results in a crisper, more finished look than either of the other methods. Read more

Korea Italy Towels, Classic Green, and Red

Use A Korea Italy Towel For Smooth Skin

Nothing does more to invigorate and revitalize your skin than to scrub it with a Korea “Italy” towel.

Korea-Italy-Towels-Calssic-Green-and-RedCULT PRODUCT ALERT | Forget scratchy banana-shaped loofahs or stiff-bristled long-handle body brushes, the dirt cheap Korea “Italy” towel is the easiest and most expedient way to remove every bit of dead skin from your body and polish the new epidermis beneath it to a fresh and peachy glow. Read more

Beautiful Baby

All We Want For Xmas Is Silky Baby Skin

Forget expensive moisturizers, body con celebrities like Gisele and Miranda Kerr swear that ordinary coconut oil is what keeps their skin supersoft and smooth.

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WHAT THE PROS KNOW | If you’re looking for a gift for a beauty buff who has a cupboard full of top-brand skin creams and potions, you might want to surprise her with a little inexpensive something from the grocery store. Believe us, she’s going to love you for it. Read more