Nu Food Cart Souvlaki

Carmen Ruiz y Laza Shares Her Vancouver

Media relations maven and woman about town Carmen Ruiz y Laza shares her sources for looking good and living well without breaking the bank.

Nu Food Cart SouvlakiA hyper-connected media relations specialist with clients who have ranged from Cartier and Hermès to the Vancouver Opera and United Way, Carmen Ruiz y Laza knows what’s what and who’s who in Vancouver. As a producer of high-profile events like the Fashionista’s Ball (see our story here), she always needs to be well-turned out. Originally from Spain, Carmen follows the old European tradition of wearing timeless classics. She invests in a few really good quality items in neutral colours and wears them for years. Here are her five cheap, free or worth-it things to do, see or buy in Vancouver.

Carmen Ruiz y Laza’s Fave Five

EAT at the Nu food cart at Granville and Georgia, the latest venture from Harry Kambolis, owner of C seafood restaurant, Raincity Grill and Nu. Like Nu restaurant, the Nu food cart features modern Greek food. The lamb pita (pictured above) with fresh-cut veggies and yogurt is crispy, thin and only $6.

SHOP Leone’s sales. There’s one on right now. Look for markdowns on designer pieces from Alexander McQueen, Versace, Prada, Dior, D&G and more. Discounts will increase to 50-60 percent off on June 25.

Shellac NailsGET a Shellac manicure. I love French manicures, but they chip after a few days. CND only launched Shellac a year ago, but it’s received rave reviews from the industry, the public and the media. A Shellac manicure lasts two weeks and costs just $40 at Gloss (Saturdays only) or Nuestro Day Spa. For more on Shellac and manicures visit, and

HIT the trails in Stanley Park. There are lots of beautiful walks and you can avoid the craziness of the seawall. Parking is just $2 but I usually take my bike, which is free. www.

Manito silk-filled duvetSLEEP on a cloud of Manito Silk. My silk sheets feel posh, posh, posh. The silk pillowcases don’t grab at your hair so hairdos last longer, and there are no creepy little feathers poking out of a silk-filled duvet. At first I was afraid to wash my silk bedding, but it’s way easier and more effective than dry cleaning. Another bonus: Manito products cost less than comparable top-quality silk bedding.


Photos top to bottom: Courtesy Nu, CND Shellac, Manito Silk

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