Bluelounge CableBox mini

Untangle Cords And Cables With Bluelounge

If you have a tangle of power bars and cords threatening to overtake your work area, Bluelounge could solve your problem.

Bluelounge CableBox mini


PROBLEM SOLVED | I don’t make New Year’s resolutions unless they’re the Babylonian variety (CLICK HERE  for our story on this). That said, this year on J 01 I did make a plan to put an end to the chaos of cords, surge-protected power bars and mutant dust bunnies that reigns under my desk. I wanted this task completed by J 31, and I’m happy to report I’ve put the issue to bed and it’s only mid-January.

1 CB_012Bluelounge, an award-winning international design studio out of Singapore, produces highly attractive cable management products. Their CableBox is designed to hold most shapes and sizes of power bar, and I dropped mine into the one I bought without unplugging any of my office equipment. I then directed all my incoming cords, which I twist-tied together, through a slot at one end of the box and the outgoing power bar cord through the slot at the other end. The receptacle is large enough to stow surplus lengths of cable, and once the lid is on, there is absolutely no sign of mess.

1 CB_013-1I’ve tried other cable management products like that super cheap Rabalder coil from IKEA but found it a pain to organize and a tangle management issue in itself. Copycat IKEA has a $15 version of the CableBox, but I prefer the original, which retails for $34.95 locally. —Ruth Rainey

In Vancouver, you can find a variety of Bluelounge products at Room In Order, 1055 Davie Street, 604-684-8884, To see all Bluelounge products, visit

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