Your inspiration for no-bake bird’s nest cookies for Easter

These chocolate and peanut  butter cookies are the easiest thing you’ll make this Easter.

Bird's Nest Easter Cookies - C. Rule



EASY & DELISH | If you’re casting around for an Easter adventure to share with the junior cooks in your life, these quick-made no-bake chocolate-and-peanut butter bird’s nest cookies are a slam dunk.

Bird's Nest Cookies - C. Rule


We found the inspiration for our concoction on Bon Appetit’s website where the editors not-so-humbly pronounced their recipe for no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies the “greatest recipe of all time.”

Wow. That’s quite a proclamation. And while we are not in a position to say whether this is true, we can say these treats are damn fine, particularly when you make them with an intensely peanutty peanut butter like Adam’s creamy variety.

We put our own spin on Bon Appetit’s cookies by turning them into Easter bird’s nests with the addition of coconut (shredded and dyed green by putting the bits into a Ziploc bag along with a few drops of food colouring) and Cadbury’s yummy mini eggs.

Happy Easter. —eds


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