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An Appetite For Easy: One Minute Guacamole

Here’s a recipe for the best guacamole you’ll ever scoop on a chip: it’s fresh, seriously delicious and you can make it in a minute.

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ONE-MINUTE WONDER | It’s a holiday today in British Columbia and we are having friends over for a dinner, which means I’m going to need appies: lots of them. I can get away with serving strictly store-bought stuff—cerignola olives, edemame in the shell, gourmet potato chips—if I serve it in small, one-of-a-kind containers that give it an air of exclusivity. But store-bought alone feels ungracious to me so I like to mix in a few homemade or half-scratch appies I can turn around on a dime. One of my all-time half-scratch favourites is cheater guacamole. I’m always surprised by how many people ask me for the recipe.

How To Make Cheater Guacamole

Premade straight-out-of-the-package guacamole, even fresh- made from Whole Foods, usually tastes flat to me. I like to mix a container of my favourite store-bought guacamole (I like Yucatan brand, which I get at Costco, but any brand will do) with a matching amount of FRESH salsa cruda (it needs to be salsa cruda or pico de gallo, not some other fresh salsa mixture) and a single chunky-cut fresh avocado.

Fresh salsa cruda makes this dip, and you can dice, mince and squeeze all the main ingredients yourself—avocadoes, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, cilantro, fresh lime juice, etc.— but making salsa cruda is time- and labour-intensive. I buy fresh-made house brand salsa cruda in multiples at Whole Foods. If you don’t see it out on the shelf, just ask and they’ll get you some from their kitchen.

That’s it. Killer guacamole made in under a minute; spoon-licking delicious for sure. —Ruth Rainey

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