Laurentian Chief Raised By Wolves Moccasins

Best, Better, Good: 4 Top Moccasin Brands

Go ahead and “moc us”—but only with any of these four moccasin brands because every one of them is a winner.

Laurentian Chief Raised By Wolves Moccasins


SHOPPING AROUND | Maybe it has something to do with the ongoing popularity of UGGS, but for whatever reason, classic suede moccasins have been enjoying a moment for some time now—they’re so fashionable, in fact, I’m surprised there isn’t a pair in the current Joe Fresh collection.

While fringed ankle booties and mukluks are hot commodities, the easy-on always-comfortable slipper-style street moc remains the must-have. Typically made of a rougher, tougher suede than UGGS, a well-constructed slipper moccasin has a much better chance of standing up to—and enduring—our sloshy surroundings than any upstart from sunny Australia. Here are the four top moccasins we’d slip on any day.

Our Top 4 Moccasin Picks

BEST: Raised by Wolves moccasin made by Laurentian Chief, $128; plus everything else from Laurentian Chief

Raised by Wolves moccasinsProduced since 1942, 100 percent Canadian- made Laurentian Chief moccasins are iconic. This has to be one of the reasons why Ottawa cult fashion brand Raised by Wolves (itself on the road to iconic) teamed up with the family-run enterprise to produce what is quite possibly the most thoughtful and ruggedly gorgeous moccasin on the market. RBW’s limited-edition product (shown here) has been designed for men, but women have been scooping them too (they come as small as men’s 5, usually equivalent to a women’s 7).

Laurentian Chief makes superior-quality moccasins, mukluks and booties, with a product line that includes more than 1,000 SKUs. Expect to pay around $65 for a slip-on walk-around moc.

Find Raised by Wolves’ Laurentian Chief-made moccasins at OTH Shop online, Find Laurentian Chief moccasins in Vancouver at Hills Native Art Gallery,

BETTER: Minnetonka Moccasins at American Eagle Outfitters, $39.50- $44.50

MInnetonka KILTY Suede MoccasinAs of this week, American Eagle Outfitters on Robson Street shop is a full- accessory emporium offering plenty of third-party items including Minnetonka Moccasins. Right now in the U.S., Minnetonkas, around since 1946, are the go-to moc with everyone from Nordstrom to Macy’s selling them. The Minnetonka Kilty, shown here, features soft suede construction, whip-stitching at the toe, fringe and ties at the vamp, and rubber outsole with grips.

Find Minnetonka Moccasins in Vancouver at American Eagle Outfitters. Visit

GOOD: Chaia Suede Moccasin from Target, $19.95

Chaia Suede Moccasin From TargetOne good, supercheap moccasin coming up: This attractive slip-on model from Target, which comes in black, brown and tan, has plenty of the same features you find on more expensive moccasins, including a durable thermoplastic sole. We got a pair in Bellingham awhile back and have to say these shoes are tough and great value for the money, verdicts supported by most of the 97 product reviews on the Target site. —Annabel Lee

See the Chaia Suede moccasin on the Target website,

Photos, top to bottom: Tumblr (lr81t3GtkO1qd7q8co1-500); Raised by Wolves moccasins, Off The Hook; Minnetonka Moccasins; Target

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