Danier Leather Puffer Coat

Danier’s Great Deals For Leather Lovers

And third, fourth and more if you shop at Danier’s frequent and fashionable leather sales.

Danier Leather


SALES WE LOVE | Okay, so it doesn’t do bleeding edge leather the way Skingraft does—hey, who besides Nicki Minaj dresses like a rock star anyway—but Canada’s Danier makes clothing and bags with enough twist and bite to appeal to most leather-loving fashionistas. It also has wicked ongoing sales, which is how we came to discover it—and why you’ll want to check it out.

Danier Leather Puffer Coat


Clinical psychologist Deb Braun is a former international runway model with a great sense of style who makes a point of dropping by Danier’s Park Royal location whenever it’s practical to see what they have on sale. Braun bought her first Danier piece six years ago, a denim-blue leather jacket with a zip-out lining, and followed up with several coloured leather handbags in useful sizes and a few jackets including a sage-green motorcycle model with topstitching and a deep pink member’s only style. “Of course everything was marked down,” she says. “I love variety way too much to ever spend a lot of money on clothing.”

While Braun loves a great sale as much as the next fashionista, she’d never be tempted by Danier if the products didn’t stand up. “The pieces I’ve purchased have lasted a long time; Danier’s quality’s solid. It’s that and the service [at the Park Royal store] that keep me coming back.”—C. Rule

Along with their ongoing sales, Danier is having a Yellow Tag Sale right now, with 50 percent or more off plenty of fall and winter men’s and women’s coats and jackets. Visit danier.com

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